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A decision from a trial court doesn’t always have to be the final outcome. The team of appellate attorneys at McDaniel, Wolff & Benca PLLC have earned a reputation for handling complex, high-stakes appeals in Arkansas and securing favorable outcomes for our clients. We have the insight, dedication and skill to handle an appeal of your case when critical issues are on the line.

Our team-oriented approach to appeals cuts across all areas of the firm’s practice, including litigation arising from business disputes, real estate, estates, employment matters, tax controversy, regulatory decisions, and criminal prosecutions. We represent existing firm clients in post-trial and appellate matters, as well as new clients referred to us by their trial counsel.

Our team of civil appellate attorneys are led by Bart Calhoun and Scott Richardson. Attorney Patrick Benca handles criminal appeals of any kind or nature. If we can assist you with an appeal of a civil or criminal case in Arkansas, please call us today at 501-954-8000, or submit an inquiry via our contact form available here.

Civil Appellate Attorneys

McDaniel, Wolff & Benca PLLC’s appellate lawyers have substantial and successful experience in civil appeals before both state and federal courts in significant cases that have often involved novel issues of law. However, we also recognize that appellate law is not limited to handling cases on appeal. Rather, by often working closely with counsel at the trial court level, our appellate team provides careful legal analysis, strategy, and issue identification in order to craft and preserve the most persuasive legal arguments at every stage of litigation.

We have represented clients before the United States Supreme Court, United States Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit, the Arkansas Supreme Court, and the Arkansas Court of Appeals. Our appellate lawyers bring exceptional depth and a breadth of knowledge to this work, obtained from years of experience in private practice, government service, and in the judiciary. Our team includes attorneys appointed as special judges to the Arkansas Court of Appeals and former top-level advisors to the Arkansas Attorney General.

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Criminal Appellate Attorneys

Criminal defense also makes up a large part of our practice. The Arkansas criminal appeals process often enables defendants to correct certain problems in the trial process or procedural errors that may have resulted in an erroneous conviction. We focus on sentencing reduction, reduced probation requirements, and total overturning of convictions. 

The appellate attorneys at McDaniel, Wolff & Benca PLLC regularly handle criminal matters in state and federal courts. Issues often appealed in criminal matters include, but are not limited to:

  • Whether the trial court should have suppressed evidence due to an unlawful search and seizure
  • If a judge improperly allowed testimony over the objection of your attorney
  • If you were denied a jury instruction requested by your attorney
  • If a jury instruction was allowed over the objection of your attorney
  • If a mistake was made in allowing or disallowing an expert witness to testify
  • If a jury did not understand their instructions from the trial court
  • If a judge made a mistake during sentencing or misinterpreted the law
  • If exculpatory evidence was withheld by the prosecution

Having handled numerous criminal trials, our appellate attorneys understand how to review the record for these types of issues and how to present them to the proper appellate court. If you have reason to believe that the actions on the part of a judge, law enforcement, or prosecutors compromised the fairness of your criminal trial, contact us today.

If we can assist you with an appeal of a civil or criminal case in Arkansas, please call our attorneys today at 501-954-8000, or submit an inquiry via our contact form available here.

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